5-pan eye palette: candy girl

This  5 pan eye palette is called Candy girl. this colors give you a sweet youthful  look

Blush Perfect, cherry bomb

This blush can be used to shade brighten enhance and define the shape of your face.

Blush perfect,super fuchsia

Bronze lights: Jabijou highlighter stick

This highlighter from  Jabijoucosmetics is super smooth and glides on effortlessly, giving your cheeks a luminescent glow.

Brow quad: dark quad

A brow (sourcil) for different brows looks.  Quad contains brow wax. hi-lighter and two coordinated brow powder. It comes in other colors. e-mail for more information jabijoucosmectics@gmail.com or melainep@leschroniques de la diaspora.com

Butterfly Palette: Buried Treasure

The burried treasure is  one of our butterfly palette. if you need a golden sexy look, the buried treasure is good for you. As for all fo our palette it has a super silky effect .

Butterfly palette: Magic carpet

This Butterfly  palette holds super silky and bold effect shadows. This magic carpet color will give you a red carpet look

Gift bag by jabijou

This bag is a combination of our must have cosmetic products. It contains all necessary products that you need to look put together. Included in this bag are: our hydrating foundation primer; our perfect finish foundation, check for  your perfect matching colour; our butterfly palette (magic carpet  or  the buried treasure ); the jabijou lipsticks … Continue reading Gift bag by jabijou

HD Finishing Powder: Neutral color

These high performance sheer powders diffuse imperfections and absorb oil for smooth matte finish and a flawless  appearance. HD Finishing Powder can be used for any skin type or tone

Hydrating Foundation Primer

This primer slips over clean skin giving you a perfect surface to work on. The soothing vitamins A and E plus the antioxidants help soften the appearance of the fine. Because it contains silicone, this primer increase the wear and longevity of your foundation.

Intensive Lightning complex

This product is an intensive skin lightening product. its 2% hydroquinone and 1% kojic acid will gradually lighten hyper pigmentation and skin discoloration with a combination of sun avoidance. And the vitamin component of the product will help the skin remain moisturized and healthy.  

Jabijou cosmetics Skin care system

The Jabijou  Cosmetics skincare  system is a set  made of our Vitamin Wash,  ou Pomegranate Green Tea  Toner and our Vitamin E lotion. As  you can see , it is a vitamins based skincare solution. It leaves your skin with  the hydration and the moisture it needs to be healthy. It is also a perfect … Continue reading Jabijou cosmetics Skin care system