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National lipstick day

Today, July 29 is national lipstick day. You will certainly ask me what is this holiday. Well it is a day we celebrate our féminité through lipstick .

There is a little story to why we celebrate this day. According to certain publication, the first people to wear lipstick were the Sumerian, in Mesopotamia. Then the lipstick gained its popularity in the 16th century. It was mostly used by courtisans and actors.

It is also reported that in 1770, the British parliament banned the use of lipsticks because it was considered as a devilish attempt to trick man into mariage. That how powerful lipstick was in those days.

In the 19 th century, a lipstick made of deer tallow, castor oil and beeswax was commercialized in France. And it is possible that certain brand of lipstick are still made with these ingredients.

In today’s world, lipstick is used all over the world and it certainly a symbol of “féminité”. So celebrating lipstick day is expressing your féminité, an opportunity to boost your confidence by buying lipstick that you like et treat yourself to a nice makeup. Our products will certainly help you achieve that look you always wanted.

So how can you celebrate lipstick day? First buy colors that you need, then post a makeup tutorial. You can consider posting on our page-jabijoucosmetics